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National Introducing Broker Association – New York Conference

Michael Coglianese CPA, P.C. is one of the sponsors of the 2014 NIBA Conference in New York on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at the New York Athletic Club.  This non-for-profit conference allows you and your peers in the future’s industry an opportunity to participate in the conversation regarding complex changes in the compliance and regulatory environment.  If you would like to meet with Mike at or near this venue to discuss your concerns with regard to the new regulatory and compliance requirements, please email admin@cogcpa.com.

Registration Opens at 1:30 p.m FREE Admission.


Program Agenda

2:00pm: Welcome


2:15pm: Energy Markets Overview:

Precious Metals Market Overview:

New Contracts Review (Metals & Energy):


4:00pm:  CTA/CPO Minimum Capital Requirements: A solution to What?:

AML and other Impossibilities for Swaps Registrants:

NFA Representative:
John Brand- Managing Director, Compliance, National Futures Association


5:00pm: Reception:

Join us for networking with your peers and industry professionals over cocktails in this historic venue!

To Register:  Click Here