Jun 28, 2021 | News

Beware of NFA Phishing Emails

Recently, the NFA had fallen victim to a phishing campaign involving fraudulent emails from members of NFA staff.  These emails have a source domain name of “@nfa-futures.com” and some have included an attachment.

This domain name has no connection to NFA and firms should never open any attachments from this domain and immediately delete the emails.

Please by vigilant when receiving emails you were not expecting.  All emails coming from NFA will have a domain of @nfa.futures.org, nfanotifications@mailer.nfa.org, or @nfa-swaps-proficiency-requirements.moonami.com.

Any unsolicited emails from any source should always be scrutinized especially those containing links and attachments.

Additionally, another phishing campaign making the email rounds is purporting to be from “Finra Support” with the email address “support@westour.org.”  The emails have asked the recipients to pay attention to the “report attached below that requires your immediate response” and states “the attachment contains our updated Public Policy information.”  The emails may or may not include an attachement.

The domain of “westour.org” is not connected to Finra and firms should delete all emails originating from this domain.

Be vigilant with all unexpected emails.  If you are not expecting a link or an attachment, please check with the purported sender to verify it’s authenticity.