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Broker Dealers: Update Compliance Program

In order to improve and update Broker Dealer compliance programs, we have put together a brief summary of new and amended FINRA regulations, enforcement actions, and overall regulatory developments that occurred in 2018. 2018 Enforcement Actions FINRA determined that Wedbush…

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Cyberthieves Shouldn’t Pull on SECs Cape

he SEC took action against nine defendants in the regulator’s 2016 Edgar system hacking. “The SEC’s complaint alleges that after hacking the newswire services, Ukrainian hacker Oleksandr Leremenko turned his attention to EDGAR and, using deceptive hacking techniques, gained access…

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CFTC Wants the Info on Crypto-Market

CFTC Wants Info on Crypto-Market In December, the CFTC put out a request of information “asking  for public feedback on a range of questions related to the underlying technology, opportunities, risks, mechanics, use cases, and markets, related to Ether and…

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